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Bingham Aviation Insurance is a specialist aviation broking company committed to providing our clients with comprehensive insurance coverages while also delivering a responsive customer service and specialist advice. We pride ourselves on our client management offering an approachable relationship placing us apart from other aviation brokers with a mission of making the process of purchasing your aircraft insurance policy as easy as possible.

Whether you are new to aviation insurance or perhaps someone that has held various types of aviation insurance for many years, we have the tools and experience to serve you throughout the insurance process. Aviation insurance can be difficult to navigate effectively and having a trusted relationship with an aviation specialist will ensure you have access to the entire insurance market.


We Offer

We offer tailored aviation insurance solutions by correctly identifying coverage based on your individual situation and needs. By being able to offer solutions from various categories including hull and liability, hangarkeepers and other specialist aviation covers available....


We Protect

At Bingham Aviation Insurance, we offer protection solutions for your aircraft or aviation business with the most comprehensive insurance coverage available. We canvas the market to provide the best options to assist in your decision making and work with owners...


We Provide

Bingham Aviation Insurance is one of a limited number of specialised aviation insurance brokers in the country. We have a proven record and expertise in this area and work closely with our clients on customised insurance solutions with coverages sourced...


Aviation Insurance

Bingham Aviation Insurance is here to assist in identifying the correct coverage based on your individual situation, aircraft type and requirements. We provide hull and liability solutions for all types of general aviation aircraft including fixed wing piston, fixed wing turbine, corporate jets, helicopters and recreational aircraft. In addition, we can also provide coverage for your aviation based businesses such as local flying clubs, flight schools and maintenance services. When you contact us, you will receive the personalised attention it takes to evaluate your needs and customise your coverage ensuring peace of mind when purchasing your next aviation insurance product.

Types of cover we can offer:

  • Aircraft Hull & Liability
  • Aircraft Non-ownership liability
  • Hangarkeepers Liability
  • Aircraft Renters Liability
  • Pilot Personal Accident
  • Aircraft Construction, Rebuild & Restoration Insurance
  • RAAus Level 2 Maintainers

aviation coverage

  • Private Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Experimental and Recreational Aircraft
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Warbirds
  • Private Jets
  • Aviation Fleets
  • Aero Clubs
  • Charter Operators
  • Flight Training
  • Hangar Owners
  • Private Airfield Operators
  • Ground Handlers and Refuellers
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Aviation Group Associations

Industry savy

For many years, Geoff has developed relationships with key industry aviation insurance companies, agents, underwriters and claims personnel. By maintaining a strong network, Bingham Aviation Insurance puts itself in a strong position to provide you with a full service and gives us a competitive edge. In most cases, we can offer multiple solutions to consider which is especially important because while one insurance supplier may be more cost effective in premium, others may provide more flexibility for transitioning or low-time pilots. An important consideration when choosing which policy to purchase. Our team has the experience and industry savvy to ensure you get the best coverage available at the right price.

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mission statement

Bingham Aviation Insurance Pty Ltd is a Port Macquarie based insurance brokerage specialising in aviation throughout Australia and is committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive insurance coverage available while delivering the most responsive customer service, offering specialist advice and insurance services as one of Australia's most trusted and professional insurance broking companies.

The Bingham Aviation team will best serve our clients by:

  • Exceeding clients’ expectations with superior service and market knowledge
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Earn a reputation for quality service and ease of doing business
  • Supporting the aviation community through involvement and education representing our clients with honesty and integrity

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