Bingham Aviation Insurance is a specialist aviation broking company committed to providing our clients with comprehensive insurance coverages while also delivering a responsive customer service and specialist advice. We pride ourselves on our client management offering an approachable relationship placing us apart from other aviation brokers with a mission of making the process of purchasing your aircraft insurance policy as easy as possible.

Whether you are new to aviation insurance or perhaps someone that has held various types of aviation insurance for many years, we have the tools and experience to serve you throughout the insurance process. Aviation insurance can be difficult to navigate effectively and having a trusted relationship with an aviation specialist will ensure you have access to the entire insurance market. Each policy is tailored to the individual aircraft owner and providing detailed information is the key, building a strong relationship with us will improve communication between us and Insurance underwriter, assuring that the underwriter is getting the information required and providing you with the best coverage and premium competitiveness.

It is very important when selecting your insurance broker that they know the local aviation market and that they understand how to negotiate and provide the most comprehensive and competitive insurance product(s) available. We understand this need and we have a proven record and expertise in this area, working closely with our clients on customised insurance solutions with coverages sourced from our insurance partners. Not only do we provide insurance quotes, we provide guidance and options throughout the entire process tailoring the insurance policy to your specific requirements.

At Bingham Aviation Insurance, we can assist with all your aviation insurance needs, including aviation Aircraft Hull & Liability, Aircraft Non-ownership liability, Hangarkeepers Liability, Aircraft Renters Liability and more.

What will Bingham Aviation Insurance do for you?

  • We will always act in your best interest
  • We will assess and evaluate risk and exposure based on the information you have provided and work with markets that can offer the best mixture of policy, coverage, and price while anticipating risks that you face
  • We will negotiate terms, provide alternative solutions, and confirm the placement of cover once instructions have been provided on your behalf
  • We will calculate, collect premiums, and obtain signed documents from the insurers.
  • We will monitor and adjust policy coverage as required based on changing needs or requests
  • In the event of a claim, we will advise you of the claim process, advise insurers, inform of any loss adjuster or consultant that may be appointed and monitor ongoing communications between you and the insurance provider. Should the need arise, we will manage and coordinate between all parties to ensure the desired outcome and that the claim is resolved promptly and satisfactory

our values

We at Bingham Aviation Insurance are guided by a set of core values to which we subscribe, intending to uphold the highest level of professionalism, accuracy, specialised and superior customer focus, placing us apart from other aviation brokers in the market.

  • Ethical
    We approach our work and life with integrity, humility and equitability. We constantly work to establish core values and a moral compass.
  • Integrity
    We are dedicated to upholding our reputation of honesty and integrity in all our business relationships.
  • Respect
    We are committed to an underlying attitude of respect in all our interactions.
  • Service
    We gain service confidence by offering our clients a personalised customer service experience of the highest level.
  • Relationships
    We value and invest in ongoing and new relationships with clients and insurers.
  • Vision
    We are committed to working beyond challenges by looking for solutions to problems, pushing through complexity to understand the issues behind the problem. We work to understand the need of our clients and how they use their aircraft to provide the best solution.

Geoff Bingham,

Owner and Founder

Geoff Bingham is an aviation enthusiast; his passion comes from a life-long obsession with aircraft and the freedom of flight. From an early age, Geoff started to show a keen interest in all general aviation and while school friends were spending time hanging out, Geoff was at the local airport immersing himself in the culture and family environment that the aviation industry provides.

Today, Geoff combines his experience in insurance with his passion for aviation having built a solid foundation in the Australian aviation insurance sector for over 10 years. Geoff provides a holistic approach to aviation insurance and is a highly experienced and respected broker known to be a problem solver and a natural people person committed to providing an honest, reliable, and personalised service. Geoff has developed a network of key relationships with underwriters and claims teams and acts with integrity as an aviation specialist insurance broker in the Australian market. Leveraging his experiences and relationships, Geoff’s goal with every client is to exceed their expectations and earn their trust by providing friendly and efficient service, optimising results and outcomes while accurately, aggressively, and fairly representing to the insurers his client’s risks, exposures and claims management expectations.

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